Singapore MBA Program colleges fees other details

Singapore MBA Program colleges fees other details Singapore’s 19 MBA programmes under 1923225.00 Indian Rupee
 The cheapest is at 688708.75 Indian Rupee.

The costs of an MBA course vary across different business schools. Singapore Business Review's channel checks found that tuition fees may range from 961612.50 Indian Rupee to over 6410750.00 Indian Rupee. On the average, most students can expect to pay about 1923225.00 Indian Rupee and above.

It is important to take note though that the quality of the programme is difficult to assess through the tuition fee. A low tuition fee does not necessarily indicate a low quality of education, just as a high one does not guarantee it.

Singapore Business Review surveyed MBA providers in the city to come up with the following list of most affordable Mba programmes under SGD30,000.

*Data gathered by SBR and not provided by the institutions in the list. 


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