SP Jain's Global MBA program - sp jain singapore mba fees

SP Jain's Global MBA program - sp jain singapore mba fees Is it worth investing 38lacs INR on SP Jain's Global MBA program?
SP Jain's global MBA fees has been hiked effective from the september 2015 intake. The fees, including Tuition, Boarding, Study Material and visa, comes to be around 33 lac INR($50,215)  p.a. Adding to this, the flight tickets and other expenses, I have calculated that a minimum of 38 lac INR ($59,000) is required to survive throughout the program. I have received an offer for IT management from SP Jain Global MBA program, which has the average salary at around 13 lac INR ($23,222.77) p.a. Is it worth to invest in terms of return of investment?

  • http://www.spjain.org/gmba/fee_structure.aspx
  • http://www.spjain.org/gmba/placement_updates.aspx

I have more than 3 years of experience in IT and need advice on whether to select this program or not.

If you are looking at this just from Return On Investment perspective, SPJIMR will be better than SPJSGM. I think other factors what you also need to consider are:

Payback period for your investment: break-even period considering your current salary and opportunity cost. SPJIMR is a 2 year course and SPJSGM is one year course so you would be back in job market sooner.
Exposure with tri-city model in SPJSGM compared to SPJIMR being based out of Mumbai.
Your Career targets and which school fulfill that better. For e.g.
Which school offer better chances for job in Industry where you want to work, like Technology, E-Commerce, Financial Services etc
Which school offer better chances for job in function where you want to work, like Finance, IT, Marketing etc
Location where you want to work, e.g Mumbai, Singapore, Sydney or Dubai
Also you may go through the recruiters to find your targeted companies
Would suggest you to go through the above mentioned points considering your profile and career targets and it may help you in deciding.

If you are looking for comparative analysis of schools in Asia & India, you may visit our website and go to Salary Vs Cost Tab or Payback period tab to see the comaprison across schools.

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